Seoul Travel guide - 50 things to do in South Korea.

Seoul Travel guide - 50 things to do in South Korea.

Today’s article I’m going to be telling you 50 things that you can do in South Korea, So, hopefully, this article will be helpful for those who plan a vacation to South Korea. Let’s just start:

#1- Shop in Myeongdong

Myeongdong is a place you have to visit if you want to do lots of shopping, they literally have auto shops You’re probably looking for in one area. There are streets and streets of just shopping and restaurants. It’s a great place to hang out

#2- Try the rose-shaped ice cream

 This is seriously probably going to be the prettiest ice-cream you’ll ever eat it is amazing especially on a hot day in Seoul.

#3- Eat street food

 Street food is amazing in Seoul they typically open up at night time So make sure you stay up and go take a look. There are lots and lots of street food in Myeong dong.

#4- Shop at Style Nanda

Style Nanda has the makeup brand 3ca in their stores So you’ll be able to purchase the items there they also have the latest trends in clothing so make sure you check it out.

#5- Eat the Bibimbap

Bibimbap means mixed rice with meat and assorted vegetables Its a dish, which is stir and mix all the ingredients first before eating It's a healthy dish and is one of the most popular Korean dishes.

#6- Take a break at Osulloc

Osulloc is a famous cafe in Korea. They serve amazing drinks as well as desserts It is a great place to hang out and chill with friends

#7- Eat at Myeongdong Kyoja

This is an extremely popular Kyoja restaurant So make sure you get in early to avoid long lines The Kyoja is absolutely delicious and goes really well with noodles the price is also really good.

#8- Try a Bingsu

Bingsu is one of the most popular Korean desserts Bingsu is shaped ice and is usually topped off with condensed milk syrups and fruits. 

#9 - Shop at Etude house

It's one of the most popular Korean brands that you must shop at, the items are at affordable prices and they are also really high quality They always release new items, so make sure you check back often.

 #10- Eat Buddae-jjigae

Buddae-jjigae is a spicy dish, they have noodles Sausages, spam, dumplings, and vegetables mixed in cider. It’s one of my favorite dishes in Korea.

#11- Hello Kitty café

So, in Myeong dong if you want to take a quick rest from auto shopping visit the Hello Kitty cafe for a quick drink and dessert the whole cafe is pink and the food is all really cute.

 #12- Take the subway in Seoul

The subway is really easy to take in Seoul and it’s also really convenient to use you can use this to travel around really easily and also, it's very affordable.

#13- Visit the Gangnam district

This place is one of my favorite places to hang out in Seoul there are so many cafes, restaurants, and shops around this area. Nightlife is great, and there is always something going on here.

#14- Shop at Art box

Art box is a store in Korea that sells cute items and lifestyle goods They also have imported goods mainly from Japan so make sure you check the store out.

#15- Eat Dak-Galbi

Dak-Galbi is a spicy grilled chicken dish that is easy to share between friends Afterward, you can choose the mixed rice in your dish to finish it off.

#16- Visit the Kakao friends store

 Kakao Talk is used by most Koreans to communicate and at the Kakao store. You’re able to buy merchandise based other characters on Kakao Talk.

 #17- Eat Kimbap

Kimbap Is a Korean sushi roll, it is sweeter than normal sushi and usually contains vegetables eggs and meat inside Usually it has colorful ingredients.

#18- Shop at Gangnam underground station

Gangnam the underground station is shopping heaven for those interested in Korean fashion if you are looking for cheap clothes and shoes This is the place to go. There are so many shops here. It’s so easy to get lost.

#19- Try a Korean lunchbox Dosirak

Dosirak is a Korean lunchbox that is usually an appetizer you mix order contents together to enjoy Usually you close the lunchbox and then shake it to mix all ingredients together

#20- Visit the Hangang Park

It is a beautiful and peaceful place of great scenery along the Han River It is a popular place to hang out and have a picnic at a lot of people ought to take away to enjoy your friends At the park while enjoying the beautiful atmosphere.

 #21- Shop at Spao

Spao is a Korean clothing brand and they mainly focus on just casual fashion but they also have a lot of collaborations such as Pokémon. So, this is a store to check out to see if you’ve got some of your favorite characters.

 #22- Eat Toppoki

Toppoki is rice cakes and this is usually a spicy dish with fish cakes and vegetables It is an amazing side dish to have of your Korean food

#23- Visit the Changdeokgung Palace

Changdeokgung Palace is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is inside a large park It has a long history and its where the royal family lived. There’s also a secret garden inside the palace.

 #24- Visit the Bukchon Hanok village

The Bukchon Hanok village is a traditional village in Korea with a lot of history It is a great place to see the traditional side of Korea as it is close to the palaces.

#25- Visit the N Seoul Tower

The N Seoul Tower is an observatory where you can go up and see the beautiful view of Seoul it is right next to Lovelock, so it’s a perfect place for a date with a loved one.

#26- Write on a Lovelock at N Seoul Tower

Just before you go up to N Seoul Tower you will see a place where there are Thousands of lovelocks you can purchase a lock for yourself write a message to your loved ones and lock it.

#27- Visit the Dragon Hill spa

Dragon hill the spa is one of the most popular places to go to. It is a public bath place After bath enjoys a rice drink as well as eggs.

#28- Visit Insadong

Insadong is a great place to explore as you’re able to go into small streets and discover different shops and restaurants It’s famous for traditional culture and crafts.

#29- Shop in Hongdae

Hongdae is an amazing area for shopping and food Its a lively area filled with young people because it’s close to the University If you want to find the latest trends, and this is the place to go.

#30- Eat Korean fried chicken

Fried chicken is very famous in Korea BHC chicken is one of my favorites definitely try their cheese chicken you will not go back once you’ve tried it.

 #31- Shop at Chuu

Chuu is a Korean clothing brand that is catered towards more of the younger look They have some really cute clothing pieces for really affordable prices if you are looking for cute skirts. This is a place to go.

#32- Eat Korean BBQ

If you’re in Korea you must eat Korean BBQ, you can find Korean barbecue restaurants almost at every block in Korea, It is probably one of the most popular things to eat.

#33- Visit the Innisfree café

Innisfree are a popular Korean makeup and skincare brand they also have cafes which have food from natural ingredients the drinks are always our favorite.

#34- Take Korean cooking classes

Korean cooking classes are great fun, and you can learn how to make some authentic Korean dishes take a class of your friends and you’ll be able to bring back some skills and memories back home.

#35- Visit a dog café

There are many dog cafes in Korea and they’re filled with dogs who just want your attention Go inside and enjoy a meal While enjoying the companies of dogs at the same time you can bring your own dog or play with other dogs there.

#36- Shop at Moon Shot

If you are a fan of why do you find the artists and makeup? This is a place you have to check out that has makeup items based off artists in the YG family.

 #37- Shop at Express bus terminal

 The Express bus terminal is a huge underground Mall that has a lot, and I mean a lot of stores There are clothes for all ages on one side and furniture on the other side.

#38- Eat Korean Ramen

Ramen is one of my favorites Its spicy with lots of flavor is usually topped off with some vegetable meat Rice cakes or dumplings most restaurants should have this dish.

#39- Visit Garosu-Gil

Garosu-Gil is a trendy place in the Shinza area There are lots of great restaurants as well as shops down the street and there are also a lot of trendy cafes Around here make sure you go to the smaller streets, too. as there are a lot of hidden gems.

#40- Eat unique ice cream flavors

Korea is very bold with their different flavors So why not try out some different flavor ice cream while you can they’re all tastes really good even if some of them sound a bit weird.

#41- Try the Jajangmyeon

Jajangmyeon is a delicious Korean Chinese dish That usually consists of noodles vegetables and black bean sauce mix it around and enjoy the flavors.

#42- Shop at COEX mall

COEX mall is the largest underground shopping mall in Asia, it is in the Gangnam district and it has a wide range of different stores if you are after Korean clothing brands. This is the place to go.

#43- visit SM Town

If you are a fan of SM artists then you must visit SM Town, they have lots of K-pop merchandise as well as exhibits of costumes and awards their K-pop artists have one.

#44- Visit the K-pop Café

If you’re a fan of SM town artists then you can check out this café It has incredible interior with CDs from SM town artists the food is also a mix between Western and in Korean cuisine.

#45- Take a K-pop dance lesson

if you are a fan of K-pop Then I highly recommend a K-pop dance lesson, even if you aren’t a K-pop fan It is still are lots of fun.
 SM Town lets you take dance classes with actual instructors who would teach you to move to your favorite K-pop song

#46- Buy K-pop merchandise

Of course, if you love K-pop you have to stock up on K-pop Merchandise and you’ll be able to find K-pop merchandise in a lot of places in Korea as they are so big.

#47- Try the Jumuk-Bap

which is a Korean rice spot, Jumuk-Bap which directly translates to fist, rice is something you need to try out you mix the ingredients with your hand and make the rice balls with a fist motion with your hand. 

#48- Visit the Lotte World Tower

The Lotte World Tower is a skyscraper that is the third-highest observatory and a fifth the tallest building in the world goes up and see a beautiful view of Seoul.

#49- Eat Samgyetang

Samgyetang is a chicken ginseng soup. It’s a board chicken stuffed with rice. It is an amazing dish that is also quite healthy.

#50- Go to Noraebang with friends

Also known as karaoke is very popular in Korea rent out a room with friends and sing your heart away to your favorite songs.

Seoul Travel guide - 50 things to do in South Korea.

That’s it for what to do in Korea hopefully, you enjoyed it, and thank you for reading.

if you’d been to Seoul before and I’ve left out your favorite things to do Please let me know in a comment below.

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