Airport travel tips | Travel Hacks and Airport Security Advice

Airport travel tips | Travel Hacks and Airport Security Advice

Welcome to my blog traveling side. So glad you can join me for some more travel tips!

Today I’m specifically talking about airport and security travel tips. my love of traveling has sent me to all kinds of different countries and places, so I must spend days even months in airports. and these are things I’ve learned along the way that helped me have a better trip each time.

Tip #1 is to check-in online as soon as possible.

Early check-in will ensure that you get first dibs on those airplane seats I would recommend that you choose seats in the front of the plane as much as possible. This will guarantee that you get off the plane first. This is especially important if you have a connecting flight. If your plane is running late, getting off that plane an extra 15 minutes earlier will make the difference sometimes between catching the flight and missing it. 

Another reason to do early check-in is that airlines often overbooked their flights. Even though you paid for your seat it does not guarantee that they’ll put you on that flight. They can easily bump you to another flight, like a later flight. Checking in early will make sure that you have a seat and that way you’re less likely to be bumped off.

Tip #2 is to get to the airport early.

I know a lot of people like to get to the airport just before their flight leave so they don’t have to wait a long time, but I’ve learned over time that too many things can go wrong. This is especially true if it’s like a really busy time at the airport. Like during holidays or if you know that it’s a really big travel season, security lines can be really, really long. 

So, make sure you take that into account and get to the airport earlier. I suggest you arrive at the airport at least 1 hour before your flight, for domestic flights, and 2 to 3 hours before, for an international flight. Getting to the airport earlier too is a lot less stressful. You’re just going to pass security and then have time to relax. It’s much better than running through the hallway almost missing your flight, and being super stressed out.

Tip#3 is that if you’re driving to the airport make sure you take a picture of where your car is parked.

A lot of you know how easy it is to forget where you parked your car after a really long flight or a long trip. 

So, taking a picture of the parking lot number will guarantee that you’ll find your car easily when you get back from your trip.

Tip #4 is to make sure that your luggage is easily recognizable.

Most luggage comes in three generic colors: black, grey, and red. Bags get lost all the time because people just grab a bag that looks like theirs and walks away and they don’t notice that they have the wrong bag until they arrive home.

To avoid this, tag your luggage with something super recognizable like alike a bright fun luggage tag, a scarf, or maybe wrap your luggage in a strap that’s colorful. Personally, I travel with these fun little travel tags that are shaped like animal faces. I have a little monkey and a little, fuschia pink elephant. And that makes it so much easier for me to find my luggage really quickly as soon as it comes out.

Tip#5 is to pack your carry-on with security in mind Now before packing your carry-on just check with your airline and make sure that your carry-on does not exceed the size or the weight restriction.

Check ahead of time the rules and regulation of the airports in your own country and see what you’re allowed to bring in your carry-on. As general rule liquids and gels, all have to be packed in a 3.4 oz (or less) container and they also, have to fit into a one-quart size bag. I like to place this one-quart size bag in a place that’s easily accessible in my carry-on so that I can pull it out quickly when it’s time to pass security. 

Now all prescription medications should also be in your carry-on and it should be left in the original bottles or in the original packaging so that they’re easily identifiable. You’ll also, want to make sure that if you’re carrying a laptop or an iPad, that its fully charged because often they’ll ask you to open it or turn it on. Also, make sure that you’re not carrying any flammable items You’re not allowed firearms or any sharp objects, so be careful because I see a lot of people get their stuff confiscated. 

Men especially, they carry these little Swiss Army Knives on their keychains and then they have to give it up at the airport and they’re really, really upset about it!

Tip#6 is to have your paperwork ready.

Make sure your passports, your ID, your boarding passes are all easily accessible. It helps to keep them in a separate compartmentlike either a passport holder or an ID holder for quick and easy access.

Tip#7 is to bring yourself an empty water bottle Once you pass security, you’ll be able to fill up that water bottle before boarding the plane.

It’s much better than spending a small fortune on airport water bottles and it helps to save the environment.

Tip#8 If choosing between a right or a left line in security check, always go for the left lane. People are mostly right-handed and they’ll head for that right lane instinctively.

So, usually, the left lane is a much faster option. Also, don’t necessarily pick the shorter line. Scope out the people who are in those lines in front of you. If you see a line full of business-people and its longer than a line with a family traveling with young children, pick the line with business people.

It will often be faster than if you go with the family. The family traveling with young children will have strollers, and multiple bags to open up at security. And it will actually take you longer to pass the security check than if you go inline with business people, who are used to traveling.

Tip#9 is to dress for your flight with security in mind.

If you’re taking a flight that day, just keep your jewelry, your cell phone, your change, your wallet, all those things in your carry-on. So that way you’re not emptying your pockets at the security line. 

This will make it a breeze to get through security, but it’s also gonna ensure that you don’t forget your belongings in those security bins. Also, in many cases, you will be required to remove your shoes or your boots to pass security. So, you want to make sure that you’re wearing a pair of shoes that don’t have a lot of laces or buckles, or that are hard to remove or put on.

I usually, just opt to wear slip-on shoes. That way they’re super easy to slip off. I can put them in the bin, cross security, and put them right back on, and I’m on my way!

Tip#10 is if you’re running late, and your plane is boarding or about to board, make sure you tell someone.

Tell a security officer or someone in charge. They’ll often help you slip through the line a little bit quicker, and get to the gate quicker. You can also ask the people in front of you. 

Just explain your situation: say that you’re about to miss your flight, that your flight is boarding, and often people are really understanding they’ll let you through, or they let you go ahead of them.

Tip#11 is to be careful not to forget your charging wires for your phone and your iPad.

This has happened to me once, I was charging my phone the night before a flight and I left really quickly the next day, and I forgot the wire and the charging block. If you’re at the airport and you realize that you forgot your stuff, don’t panic. Just go to the lost and found at the airport. Anything that’s been left there for 90 days or more is up for grabs. 

They will often just give you phone free of charge. Another great thing to do is to pack an extra phone charger in your checked-in luggage. So, if you forget it, and you don’t have it on your carry-on, at least you’ll have it once you arrive at your you can charge your phone for your trip.

Tip#12 is to try to get access to airport lounges.

 Airport lounges are great to just chill and wait for your flight. You get free Wi-Fi, free food and drinks, and free reading material. Plus, if your flight is delayed, it’s so much more comfortable to just wait there than in a stiff airport chair. The best way to do this is to take advantage of your frequent flyer miles if you’re somebody who travels a lot. 

Now if you don’t have frequent flyer miles, check with your credit card. A lot of credit cards offer free access to airport lounges. Another option is to check on Kijiji or eBay for airport lounge passes. This might be a good investment if you know ahead of time that you’re gonna be stuck in an airport for a really long layover.

Tip #13 is to bring yourself a jacket or something warm.

Even if it’s the summertime sometimes it’s really cold in the airports, and especially in the plane. So, you want to make sure that you have a little jacket or a shawl. Something to cover up and keep warm. And these things are also great if your flight gets delayed and you’re there a long time and you want to take a nap; you can use your jacket as a pillow or is a little blanket to cover up.

Tip #14 is to try to pack all your stuff in a carry-on.

 If you don’t have any checked luggage it’s just so much easier to get in and out of the airports quickly. But it also guarantees that they won’t lose your luggage. Now I know it’s not always possible to bring everything in a carry-on Like when I go to Asia, I’m there for two to three weeks and I have to check in my luggage because I just have too many clothes or too many items to bring in a carry-on. 

But whenever possible, I try to bring all my clothes in the carry-on Especially when you have a connecting flight Sometimes the first flight is running late and you miss that second flight, if you don’t have checked luggage, they can actually get you onto a flight a lot quicker than if you have checked luggage. because they have to remove that luggage from the plane and then put it on to the other plane and they won’t have time to do that.

So those are all my travel tips for airports and security. I hope this helped on your next trip. Let I know in the comments below if you’d like to see more articles like this one.

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